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Calbright is California’s only fully online community college. Our programs build on the skills you already have and prepare you for in-demand jobs in growing fields. You can transition to a career in technology and gain an industry-valued certificate using one of our programs, all of which are currently FREE to California residents over the age of 18.

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  • Entry into Cybersecurity requires prior IT experience or CompTIA A+ certification.
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Calbright’s curriculum begins with you and fits around your schedule. Our programs build on what you already know and teach the technical skills you need to access a new career. And our career services team helps you present your work experience in ways that companies value. You study when you have time – between shifts or after the kids have gone to bed – and have access to Calbright’s faculty as well as our academic support team to help you every step of the way.


Tuition-Free Programs

Our online community college is currently tuition free for residents of California, over the age of 18, with a high school diploma or GED.


Certificate in Less Than One Year

We measure progress by the skills you’ve mastered — not by how many hours you’ve spent in the classroom — so you can move at the speed that’s right for you. Students can complete their certificate in 8-10 months (4-6 for the CRM program) with an average weekly commitment of 6-12 hours.


Academic and Career Support

In addition to tutoring and academic support, our career services team can help you prepare for your job search, from practicing interviews and refining your resume to virtual events with employers and industry professionals.

Our Programs

We take the skills you have and build on them with the technical training you need to transition to a new career. Calbright offers academic and career support to help you master the curriculum and prepare for your job search.
The following programs are currently open for enrollment:

CRM Platform Administration

Prepare for a job in Customer Relationship Management as a Salesforce/CRM administrator, managing the databases that companies in all industries use to engage with customers and partners.

Information Technology Support​

Every company and organization depends on their technology to operate and needs someone to keep it running. Learn the skills and get the certification you need to get hired and thrive in IT support.


Learn the principles and best practices of information technology security and risk management on your way to certification and job opportunities in this rapidly expanding field.
Note: Entry requires prior IT experience or CompTIA A+ certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calbright is open and currently free to all California residents, regardless of immigration status, who are 18 years or older and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Calbright’s programs fit into your life’s schedule and provide working adults, caregivers, and those who want to change careers with the skills needed to move into higher paying jobs in growing industries. Our programs are 100% online, currently free, and flexibly paced, so you move ahead based on mastering the content, not by hours spent in the classroom. The costs of the exams to earn industry-recognized certifications in your program of choice are also currently covered by the College.

Yes! Calbright programs are currently free to California residents thanks to funding from the State of California. Calbright delivers flexibly paced, skills-based training at no cost to students and zero need for financial aid.

You’ll have access to career counseling, a dedicated support team, mental health resources, and a technology lending library with Chromebooks and wifi hotspots available at no cost. For details on the various resources you’ll have as a Calbright student, please contact us at [email protected].

Calbright currently offers four online, flexibly-paced training programs: IT Support, Medical Coding*, Cybersecurity, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Administration. These program offerings are the first of what Calbright expects to be many, with each fitting into wraparound services designed to prepare students for success in the current hiring environment.

*Medical Coding is currently fully enrolled and not accepting new students at this time.

Calbright’s programs are competency-based, so you move forward when you’ve mastered the material, not by hours spent in a classroom. It is highly recommended to develop a regular schedule to complete your coursework. Students can complete their certificate in 8-10 months (4-6 for the CRM program) with an average weekly commitment of 6-12 hours.

Completing your application and starting your orientation/onboarding can be done within a few hours. The final step of your onboarding will be to meet with an Academic Success Counselor. Once you complete that meeting, you will be able to start your coursework! We try to make these appointments available several times per week so that you can start your Calbright journey as quickly as possible.

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CRM Platform Administration

According to Business.com, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software in 2021. Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft are the biggest CRM software companies globally. They — and their customers — need people trained in how to use their products.

Information Technology Support​

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of IT computer support specialists is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Support specialists often work at an IT helpdesk, resolving problems ranging from updating operating systems to troubleshooting hardware issues.


According to CompTIA, the projected growth rate for cybersecurity job roles over the next decade is 31%, the fastest rate among tech occupations. Businesses need trained specialists to combat the costly threat of data security breaches.