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Welcome to Calbright College

Fast, Focused, and Free Job Training and Placement

There are two ways to apply: on your own, or with assistance. Please allow 20–30 minutes to complete the application.

You’ll need to use a laptop or desktop computer to fill out this standard California Community College application form. If you require assistance, feel free to reference our Learner Application Tutorial or request help via our chat (blue smiley bottom right corner of your screen), email [email protected] or call (toll free) 1-833-956-0225.

Calbright Learner Checklist

Step 1: Complete Application on CCCApply.
Step 2: After submitting, check your email inbox (or spam folder) for an email with your Calbright Account Information.
Step 3: Follow the instructions in the email to log into your calbrightcollege.org account and access the Learner Portal. You will find Orientation on that website.

Apply Now On Your Own

  • Calbright is designed for Californians.

Apply With Assistance

Schedule a time with a Concierge. We can help you complete your application to Calbright


Get started by applying today.

Calbright is a new kind of California Community College that is focused on jobs, not degrees. We prepare hard-working adults for better jobs with better pay at great California companies.

Because we’re new, we have a limited number of Job Training Programs to start:

For more information on our Job Competency TrainingTM Programs, download and read the Calbright College Academic Catalog.

Calbright College is the newest California Community College. We’re completely online and serve the entire State of California. Calbright is not yet accredited, and all Job Training Programs are offered non-credit. Learn more about accreditation at Calbright College.

Admission is open to all California residents. Residents whose immigration status may prevent them from becoming employed may not be eligible for apprenticeship and/or job placement services and opportunities. To learn more, email [email protected].

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