Here’s a paradox we try to reconcile every day: at Calbright, we give working Californians the skills they need to get out of “low-skilled” jobs and into new jobs where they can thrive in the 21st century economy.  But we also don’t really believe there’s such a thing as “low-skilled” workers. Which is why we […]

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This post is written by Calbright IT faculty member Michael Stewart. As California’s first state-wide online community college, everything about Calbright College is meant to be innovative.  We’re open to all adult Californians with a high school diploma or an equivalent. We don’t offer degrees: we offer pathways to industry valued certifications that help students […]

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My name is Hector, and Calbright College is changing my life. I was working as an administrative assistant for a company that works with adults with developmental disabilities, and the job was wearing me down. I’d tried to go to community college, but I’m a “Dreamer” — my parents brought me to America as an […]

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Google made big news when it announced that it will expand its career and technology certification program, adding 100,000 scholarships and a network of hiring partners — but it wasn’t alone. IBM has been growing a digital badging program for over seven years. Hubspot issues its own certifications. The list goes on: Credly, a digital […]

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Here’s two facts that everyone who cares about education and the economy should keep in mind: First – enrollment at for-profit colleges surges during economic downturns.    Second – historically many students who attend for-profit colleges after losing their job in a recession end up, on average, worse off than if they’d never attended college […]

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What if the skills people need to get a better career in California are the skills they already have – and they just don’t know it? You can’t leverage something you don’t know you have. Picture a barista.  She has no degree, but she’s great at her job. She wants to go into tech, but […]

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