Portrait of Ajita Menon.

“We can’t actually face what we’re seeing in the world around us and continue to rationalize over and over old ways of doing things, that we know don’t work, for the communities that need us the most.”   Those words, from Calbright College president Ajita Talwalker Menon, spoke to the need for innovation across higher education.  […]

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The problem is simple and complicated at once: California has upwardly mobile, 21st century, jobs that need to be filled, and people looking for new careers to better their lives.   How do you connect the two? California created Calbright College in 2018 to answer that question – and it’s become even more urgent today.  We’re […]

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We talk a lot about the way in which higher education’s business model is breaking down, and here’s one of the reasons why it deserves to:  student debt has more than doubled in the United States over the last 10 years.  American students now owe more than $1.7 trillion dollars in debt for their education.   […]

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We know the statistics – community college enrollment in the pandemic has plummeted across the nation and in California.  Now LAist has filled in those statistics with real people by conducting a series of interviews with students who’ve dropped out, and is encouraging others to share videos explaining why they couldn’t continue their education.   Qualitative […]

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Yet another troubling trend for higher education: applications for federal student aid are way up among existing students, like juniors and seniors and grad students, but way down among potential new students, like high school grads. Put together, it looks like a lot of potential students are putting off their plans for college entirely, while […]

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It’s never been a secret that international students paying full price to attend California colleges has helped keep those colleges financially viable.  The combination of world-class universities combined with California’s reputation as an open and cosmopolitan destination has made it one of the world’s educational hubs.   That may be changing, as international student registration in […]

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California’s college systems had strongly endorsed a ballot measure – Proposition 16 – that would have permitted affirmative action for prospective college students.   It lost.  But they’re still reiterating their commitment to diversity and inclusion.   The need is great.  The simple truth is that educational attainment is strongly correlated with family income, and that family […]

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