The Campaign for College Opportunity has released its “State of Higher Education” report for Latinx Californians, and it has a simple, powerful, message: “The future of California will be defined by whether we ensure better educational opportunity for Latinx Californians.” That’s because nearly 40 percent of Californians are Latinx, making them the single largest ethnic […]

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Are we seeing a new paradigm emerge in American higher education? Since the mid-20th century, American college enrollment has been counter-cyclical to the economy: when the economy does well, college enrollment decreases. When the economy is doing badly, more people go to college.   That didn’t happen in the pandemic. Instead, when the economy was doing […]

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Community colleges have been struggling with declining enrollment since the pandemic began. A recent article by The Chronicle of Higher Education noted 40% of households that have members with community college plans have postponed or cancelled those college plans — a shocking number, and more than double that of households with members going to a […]

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An old saying tells us that every challenge is an opportunity, but it works both ways: every opportunity is also a challenge. That’s the situation Calbright found itself in. We had implemented a unique educational model — Competency Based Education — a system that evaluates students by what they actually know, not by how much […]

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The more work happens online, the more cybersecurity jobs there are to fill.   In 2021 there are 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions. The job growth for people with cybersecurity skills and credentials is enormous, and it’s going to keep growing: the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 33% increase in cybersecurity jobs this decade, with […]

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Whether or not you’re having an “economic recovery” depends on who you are. The Washington Post summed it up succinctly: “Americans with college degrees fully recovered all pandemic job losses by May, while Americans without college degrees remain 4.5 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels.” Even as more and more companies realize that the jobs they’re […]

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It’s much easier to get an education if the systems in your life provide flexibility and grace. If you can get time off work when you need it, can afford a new computer when an old one breaks, if you can get healthcare when you need it, and you don’t have to worry about whether […]

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According to a new report, the Salesforce software will generate 9 million new jobs by 2026, and $1.6 trillion in new revenues.   That means plentiful jobs and higher salaries for people trained and certified in this new technology.   Salesforce isn’t the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the market, but it is perhaps the […]

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