As recently as 2015, polls showed that Americans of both parties had a positive view of colleges and universities.  But that was also the year when the eventual president of the United States first said “I love the poorly educated!”   Now a new article in The Chronicle of Higher Education concludes:  America is more divided […]

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The numbers are in and, as predicted, it looks like a lot of people are putting off college in the time of pandemic.   According to recently released data, overall college attendance is down 3% from fall of 2019, and undergraduate enrollment is down 4%.  That’s bad enough.  But the most eye-popping statistic?  Enrollment by first-time […]

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A study we conducted of Calbright’s first student cohort found that people whose goals for their education were specific and compatible with what Calbright provides were significantly happier with their experience.  Students who wanted things we don’t offer were less happy.  That seems so simple – but experts say it’s one of the key factors […]

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Will the coronavirus kill the SAT?  As a recent report in Forbes makes clear, momentum against the most famous admissions test for colleges is building.  Over the last decade, a gradually increasing number of schools had stopped asking for the test scores as part of their admissions process, or made them optional.  But during the […]

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In the mass rush to move almost every college course in the country online, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  But that was an emergency, stopgap, measure.  Now that colleges have had some time to prepare, what are the primary obstacles that students face in getting a high caliber education online?   We asked […]

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As reopening colleges become the new hotspots for coronavirus outbreaks, a new front of inequity in higher education has emerged – who gets tested, and when. Some colleges (like Notre Dame and Purdue) require students to be tested and have negative results before they can come back on campus;  some (like the University of Illinois […]

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