Calbright is thrilled to be one of nine educational institutions in the United States to be part of a $10 million Department of Education and Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Columbia University’s Teachers College study to develop better models of online learning. The nine educational institutions in the new Department of Education study — […]

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The first challenge to digital learning, above all, is making sure that students have the technology they need. They can’t try online learning if they can’t get online, or if their equipment is incompatible with course software.  To solve this challenge, Calbright provides a device lending library. Students who need laptops and wifi hotspots can […]

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It’s better to refer to workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic as “displaced” rather than “unemployed,” because it’s not that these people “lost their jobs”: it’s that the jobs they were successfully working no longer exist. That’s according to a new report from the Brookings Institute, which shows that there are two very […]

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“The most common fear students have when they start at Calbright is that they think: ‘it’s an online college, so they’re just going to throw me into the internet and I’ll be all by myself,’” says Alejandro Clark, a Calbright Academic Tutor. “So they’re really surprised when they realize: it’s online, but it’s actually much […]

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“To support workforce needs and the economic success of residents, California invests heavily in access to education beyond high school … By understanding how best to target these investments, California can build training programs that offer the greatest benefit to workers and employers.” That’s the beginning of a new report from the Public Policy Institute […]

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Each year, Calbright sends a report to the State of California detailing the milestones the College reached that year as we grow and move forward.   The report for 2021 has been submitted, and as it has been each year since our founding, we are happy to report: Calbright is ahead of schedule. As part of […]

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Can getting a non-degree credential from a college enhance your career prospects?   New research shows the answer is absolutely yes.  Along with “online learning,” perhaps the most significant change to modern education is the rise of non-degree credentials. A new report from the Strada Education Network shows that while non-degree credentials (excluding professional licensure) used […]

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