The United Nations Secretary-General has called the covid-19 pandemic “the largest disruption of education ever.”  But it’s not just a crisis for education.  The impact on students who “remain out of reach” of the education system will be catastrophic, and have implications for areas ranging from economics to child nutrition to gender equity.   “We already […]

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This is an important message.  This may be the most important message that education has for the economy right now: Creating more opportunities for the people left behind creates more opportunities for everyone. The more people can participate fully in the economy, and do well in it, the bigger the economy gets and the more […]

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The conversations around online learning are unusually heated right now because they’re literally life and death for many people.  Whether or not to open schools, hold in person classes, bring students on to campus … and if so, how … are questions with actual fatality rates attached.   There is no bigger picture than that, at […]

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Okay, so, we’ve been through the “online education is going to save us all!” phase, and then the “online education is terrible and we have to get everybody back to classrooms!” phase.  The good news is that now it looks like the conversation around what online education is and how it works is finally getting […]

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Young woman with stack pile of books and piggy bank full of debt rethinking future career path

The coronavirus presents as significant a challenge to the business models of California’s colleges as it does to their teaching models.   A series of recent articles shows that colleges are struggling with almost paradoxical problems:  they’re afraid that covid-19 surges are going to reduce their enrollment and raise their dropout rates … but the students […]

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As the coronavirus puts the already teetering business models of higher education under massive strain, there are more and more calls to re-invent college.   That’s a worthy goal.  But if we’re not careful, we may just end up perpetuating long standing problems.  We may end up “fixing” education for the people who don’t need it […]

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When the pandemic forced schools and colleges to shove all their classes online, a lot of proponents of online learning felt triumphant:  at last, online learning’s time had truly come, and nothing could stop it now! A month ago we predicted there would be a backlash.  And, wow, has it arrived. Writing in the New […]

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