This post is written by Calbright IT faculty member Michael Stewart. As California’s first state-wide online community college, everything about Calbright College is meant to be innovative.  We’re open to all adult Californians with a high school diploma or an equivalent. We don’t offer degrees: we offer pathways to industry valued certifications that help students […]

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My name is Hector, and Calbright College is changing my life. I was working as an administrative assistant for a company that works with adults with developmental disabilities, and the job was wearing me down. I’d tried to go to community college, but I’m a “Dreamer” — my parents brought me to America as an […]

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Google made big news when it announced that it will expand its career and technology certification program, adding 100,000 scholarships and a network of hiring partners — but it wasn’t alone. IBM has been growing a digital badging program for over seven years. Hubspot issues its own certifications. The list goes on: Credly, a digital […]

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Here’s two facts that everyone who cares about education and the economy should keep in mind: First – enrollment at for-profit colleges surges during economic downturns.    Second – historically many students who attend for-profit colleges after losing their job in a recession end up, on average, worse off than if they’d never attended college […]

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What if the skills people need to get a better career in California are the skills they already have – and they just don’t know it? You can’t leverage something you don’t know you have. Picture a barista.  She has no degree, but she’s great at her job. She wants to go into tech, but […]

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Portrait of Ajita Menon.

“We can’t actually face what we’re seeing in the world around us and continue to rationalize over and over old ways of doing things, that we know don’t work, for the communities that need us the most.”   Those words, from Calbright College president Ajita Talwalker Menon, spoke to the need for innovation across higher education.  […]

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The problem is simple and complicated at once: California has upwardly mobile, 21st century, jobs that need to be filled, and people looking for new careers to better their lives.   How do you connect the two? California created Calbright College in 2018 to answer that question – and it’s become even more urgent today.  We’re […]

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