Education is one of the top three issues that matter to voters in the Golden State – and keeping college affordable is one of their top priorities for education. That’s what a PACE/USC Rossier poll released this month said after surveying 2000 Californians who are registered to vote and collectively representative of the state’s “ethnic […]

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In 2019, over 70,000 Californians wanted to go to college but couldn’t get in – not because they weren’t qualified, but because the state’s colleges and universities had no room. That number is set to double by 2030.   This is according to a study by the College Futures Foundation, showing that while college enrollment is […]

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It may seem obvious, but it’s also important to have evidence:  when you make college more affordable, more people who otherwise wouldn’t enroll take the step and invest in their future. As the State of California debates new measures to make college more affordable, Francisco Rodriguez, chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District, has […]

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For millions of Americans, getting to college isn’t the problem. The hard part is staying there. According to information compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics, only 40% of full-time students going to college for the first time actually graduate in four years.  That means 20% more students fail to graduate on time than […]

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Please find attached a statement from our Board of Trustees President on Heather Hiles’ resignation as President and CEO of Calbright College. We look forward to continuing the work we’ve been doing to help Californians obtain the skills they need to advance their careers, and appreciate all the help and support we have received thus […]

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By Heather Hiles If there is one thing that is truly flummoxing to me, it’s wonton unkindness. I just don’t understand it. And when unkindness fully extends to outright contempt for a fellow or sister human being, I just feel rage. Such is the unfolding tragedy of the legacy of destructive predatory for-profit colleges, and […]

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Did you know that more than 80 percent of college students are older than 22, financially on their own, caring for a dependent, enrolled part-time and living off-campus? As shocking as that statistic might be to many people, it is very real and believable to the millions of adult learners who are living in that […]

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As a new California Community College, this 2019-20 Course Catalog is the first for Calbright College learners. When you enroll in your first course at Calbright, you will establish “catalog rights” for certificates of completion. Regardless of when you finish your Job Competency Training program, this catalog establishes your rights protecting you from being held […]

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Earlier this year, we hosted a contest in partnership with IDEO to gather innovative ideas from faculty, staff, and students all across the state about how they would reimagine online learning. The results were incredible – there were over 175 submissions and tremendous interaction between participants, all seeking to serve underserved Californians in new and exciting […]

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