Portrait of Ajita Menon.

People who had easy access to educational resources before the covid-19 pandemic will still have easy access to everything they need to keep their education going now. Things like money, time, and technology. But what about vulnerable populations that were struggling to access the education they needed before everything stayed home and went digital? What […]

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For almost two decades, people have been saying that eventually all or most education would be online  But no one meant it like this. That’s the trouble with predictions – even when they’re right, you have to read the fine print.  That’s also a crucial lesson for us as almost every classroom across the country, […]

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Our fellow California colleges, and their students, are facing profoundly difficult challenges.  In what one university system official called “thoughtful and intentional anarchy,” thousands of professors are moving their classes online on short notice, doing the best they can in circumstances no one should have to face. They do this as administrators have to make […]

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A recent Times Higher Education article asks the question as directly as we’ve ever seen it done: will university education be made redundant by new models of worker training? That’s a question that’s near and dear to our hearts – Calbright College is even cited in the article as one of the new approaches that […]

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