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At Calbright College, we’ve reimagined college for busy, hard-working adults just like you. It starts with free tuition – there are no hidden fees, and no financial aid forms. If you’re looking to make a change, you can enroll right now in one of Calbright's flex-paced, fully online programs in IT, CRM, or Cybersecurity, and learn in-demand skills that can help you transition to a new career.

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Calbright is designed for Californians.
IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Entry into Cybersecurity requires proof of prior IT experience or CompTIA A+ certification.

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Imagine a college that’s built around your incredibly busy life. A college that lets you work, spend time with your family, and have a life, too. That’s college reimagined. Calbright offers online courses with no campus visits. No down time. No commute. Just flex-paced, career-ready courses you need to get to unlock your potential, with wrap-around support services to help you get there.

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Calbright students are working adults from all across California.

From North Hollywood
IT Graduate

“In total, it took me about eight months from when I started Calbright, to finding a new job and getting my first raise. Calbright’s IT Support program gave me the opportunity I needed to get the job I always wanted.” 

From Los Angeles
CRM Platform Administration Student

“I really like the modules. I really like the flow. It’s easy to digest, and it’s fun. I work nights, so at night is when I really get a chance to sneak away and study. And I actually want to get on the computer and read for class.”

From San Francisco
Cybersecurity graduate

“Calbright’s instructors and counselors were always available to provide valuable emotional and academic support. I wasn’t doing it alone, and now that I’ve got my cybersecurity certificate, I’m looking forward to finding a job where I will gain experience and use my knowledge. Calbright’s career coach and career services staff are helping with that, too. I feel blessed.”

From San Pedro
IT student

“My experience with Calbright so far has been amazing. I’ve already gotten a better job. I left my administrative assistant job for a company that works in robotics. I didn’t believe that I was qualified, but Calbright’s Career Services helped me make my resume appealing to the kind of company I wanted to work for.”

From Madera County
Medical Coding Student

“My experience with Calbright so far has been amazing. It is a user-friendly program and they have provided all the necessary books and manuals for studying. I have had routine follow-up phone meetings with student advocates wanting to know how my studies are going and how they can improve my experience.”

Our Programs

We take the skills you have and build on them with the technical training you need to transition to a new career. Calbright offers academic and career support to help you master the curriculum and prepare for your job search.
The following programs are currently open for enrollment:

Develop the core skills necessary to succeed in a new technology career and prepare to pass the industry-recognized CompTIA A+ exam, gaining the certification employers look for when hiring entry-level IT support or computer service technicians.
Learn the principles and best practices of information technology security and risk management on your way to certification and job opportunities in this rapidly expanding field. Note: Entry requires prior IT experience or CompTIA A+ certification.
Companies in every industry use CRM databases to help organize and keep track of when and how they interact with customers. Our program helps you master the skills needed to begin a successful career as a CRM administrator.
Note: While Calbright programs are flexibly paced, enrollment agreements are limited in duration.
Students are enrolled in successive 6-month terms for a maximum program length of three years.

Learn more: Program Info Sessions

Join Calbright staff for an interactive overview of our programs and how they can work for you.

Tuition-Free Programs

Our online community college is currently tuition free for residents of California, over the age of 18, with a high school diploma or GED.

Certificate in Less Than One Year

We measure progress by the skills you’ve mastered — not by how many hours you’ve spent in the classroom — so you can move at the speed that’s right for you. Students can complete their certificate in 8-10 months (4-6 for the CRM program) with an average weekly commitment of 6-12 hours.

Academic and Career Support

In addition to tutoring and academic support, our career services team can help you prepare for your job search, from practicing interviews and refining your resume to virtual events with employers and industry professionals.


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