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Calbright president Ajita Talwalker Menon appeared on this week’s EdSource podcast — you can listen here! President Menon began by talking about “the urgency of the moment” in both education and California. In under a half-hour they covered topics ranging from what makes Calbright’s model unique to how to protect people on the economic margins from […]

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“California’s online-only community college bets big on new programs and partnerships to prove its value “ A new article from Ed Source summarizes the debate in the state legislature about Calbright. As it notes: “Without Calbright, these students may be left with the more costly for-profit education or no college at all.”

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“Calbright, which is free to students, is different from other public community colleges in that students can start and finish each program on their own time and at their own pace. The college offers competency-based education, which assesses students based on the skills they learned and not the amount of time spent in a class.”

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On its opening day, nearly 700 people submitted applications to enroll in California’s new online-only two-year institution — Calbright College. The college was created to serve an entirely new adult and underemployed population of students who are working part-time jobs or stuck in positions that don’t pay a living wage. The California Community College system described […]

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