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PRESIDENT’S UPDATE Good morning,  Last week our Board of Trustees approved the roadmap for Calbright’s future, an ambitious yet achievable three-year Strategic Vision that outlines how we will measure the college’s success as we mature. This was an all-hands-on-deck process that involved many stakeholders and meetings both internal and external, and we’re proud to have completed it as it […]

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The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board has endorsed Governor Brown’s proposal to establish the 115th community college – a new fully online campus to serve 2.5 million working Californians who do not have access to current educational pathways. The Sacramento Bee encourages the Legislature to support Governor Brown’s proposal because it will:

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Across the state, millions of Californians cannot access the educational pathways they need to advance in today’s workforce. Juan Reynosa, a 36 year old man who works in medical billing in Los Angeles, works over 40 hours a week

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