Calbright President Ajita Talwalker Menon Explains Calbright’s Plans for New Growth to the Silicon Valley Business Journal

“When you see some of the programs that we've launched recently since I've taken the helm of the college, they are very focused on supporting those (career) transitions. So, when we look at who's the most economically displaced right now, we look at restaurant workers, we look at folks who are in low-wage customer-service roles. We recognize that there's a great deal of uncertainty about how those industries are going to rebound. And this moment of displacement can also be a moment of opportunity and of hope for people. We see that with a lot of the students that are coming into our institution. We help them find the opportunity to build on those skills to transition them into new areas of the economy. “

“It's an opportunity for us to hit the accelerator and we've got a great team in place.”

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