June Newsletter: Moving with Purpose


Good afternoon —

On Thursday morning EdSource ran a story interviewing former Governor Jerry Brown about the future of Calbright, and he had this to say about the immediate need California has when it comes to the kind of training we are designed to provide:

“There’s more money now in higher education than ever before, so it’s not a money question. It’s the concept. Could the for-profit online colleges receive a public option? Could they face some competition from a public option, which Calbright represents? It’s a very attractive alternative for working people, not the fancy elites, but people who are struggling to improve their lot in life by upgrading their skills and doing so in a way that is affordable.”

This speaks to the heart of our work, which right now is focused on accelerating development of high-quality skills-based programs, targeted to serve the Californians most impacted by the pandemic. We are laser-focused on exactly the people Governor Brown describes above. 

This month, we announced we will be expanding our Customer Relationship Management pilot pathway. We have done the research to understand the skills our learners have - from running a cash register, to serving customers - and designed a program to leverage those skills and build the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in these in-demand roles state-wide. With the approval of new pathways this month, we’re also designing new IT networking and healthcare trainings in close coordination and consultation with our industry partners. 

The need for these programs is immediate, and we are rapidly ramping up our programs to train Californians for new careers and new opportunities. California can’t afford to wait, and we are moving with urgency into high-quality growth. 


Ajita Talwalker Menon
President & CEO, Calbright College


Calbright is looking for mission-aligned organizations and institutions serving our focus population to engage as Strategic Enrollment Partners across the state of California. Help us grow to reach every corner of the state by connecting us with your contacts — we’re actively seeking new outreach opportunities, and are thinking outside the box to build deeper connections in the communities we serve. Please fill out this form to share your ideas!


If you know someone looking to gain new skills and start a career in information technology (IT), send them this application link! We’re currently enrolling adult students in the IT pathway, where they will learn to apply a wide variety of skills in customer support and troubleshooting, ranging from installation and configuration to networking, operating systems, mobile devices, and security.


Did you get the chance to check out our blog? So Many Workers Are More Skilled Than Employers Think – It’s Time We Paid Attention.

“Here’s a paradox we try to reconcile every day: at Calbright, we give working Californians the skills they need to get out of “low-skilled” jobs and into new jobs where they can thrive in the 21st century economy.  But we also don’t really believe there’s such a thing as “low-skilled” workers. Which is why we never use the term.”



Read the latest EdSource article interviewing Governor Jerry Brown about the need for Calbright.

“Calbright is all about equity,” [Governor Jerry Brown] said. And without the college, the only people who will be hurt “will be low-income Californians that will lose an opportunity that they can find in no other way unless they pay a handsome fee to a corporate vendor,” Brown said, referring to the for-profit colleges.”