“If you want to learn, they are always here” – Meet Isha, a Calbright Graduate

After Isha’s husband was transferred to the United States for work, they settled in Fremont, and she needed to find a career.  

“A relative pointed me to Calbright College,” she remembered. “They said: ‘this is an online college where you don’t need to go to the classes in person, and it’s self-paced learning where you can easily manage all of your household work with your kids, and this college doesn’t charge anything, it’s free of cost.’ And that was all true, so I enrolled.”

But what she really appreciated after she enrolled was the support.

“If you want to learn, they are always here,” she said. “It’s not just something they say when they tell you: ‘you are not alone.’ They really do make it so that you are not alone in your journey.”

Isha earned her certificate from the CRM Platform Administration program. She is now a full time, paid, apprentice at Bitwise Industries. 

Read her story here.

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