“The backbone of support that Calbright gives is remarkably helpful for adult learners” – Meet Mekhala, a Calbright Student

Born in Bangalore, one of the defining facts of Mekhala’s life was that she was a woman who wanted to do something different to transform the world. 

“I am a first generation woman entrepreneur,” she said. “I come from three generations of only daughters, which is quite a shocking thing in a patriarchal society in India.  My parents were very particular that I grow up without the fear of being a girl. They ensured that I am not scared to do anything, I’m not scared to take a step forward, just because I’m a woman. And that’s how I became a first generation entrepreneur.  

She had a successful career in India working for social impact in education, but she moved to Mountain View, California, after she got married, and needed to start over.  

That’s why she found Calbright.  “It’s been an awesome journey for me at Calbright,” she said. “I’ve met so many wonderful people.”

Read Mekhala’s full story, and learn more about her Calbright experience!

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