“We Meet Students Where They Are” – Calbright is featured on the EdScoop Podcast!

Speaking on the EdScoop Podcast, Calbright’s Vice President of Workforce, Strategy, and Innovation Michael Younger spells out just what it is that makes Calbright perfectly targeted to adult learners and non-traditional students.

“We’re free, we’re accessible. We’re flexibly placed and we’re really built for the adult learner – those who have other responsibilities outside of just pursuing education,” Younger said.

The dialogue also explains Calbright’s first apprenticeship program, which provides graduates the opportunity to have a year long, full-time, paid, apprenticeship with Bitwise Industries.

“[The participants] are motivated, they’re extremely excited, and grateful for the opportunity,” Younger said. “We’re grateful that they took the step to join the apprenticeship program and challenge themselves for future success. That’s what it’s really all about.”

The most exciting part? More opportunities are on their way.

Hear all about it!

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