Partner With Us

Calbright helps you develop outcome-driven partnerships.

With customized partnerships, Calbright finds the right fit for your needs while supporting students’ mastery of in demand skills! Let’s close the equity gap in California, together!

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1. Hiring + Placement

Hire qualified and trained candidates from Calbright’s Medical Coding, IT Support and Cybersecurity programs (includes internships).

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2. Industry Engagement

Sign up to support students in workforce preparedness by engaging in workshops, panels, job shadowing, mock interviews & 1:1 conversations.

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3. Program Customization

Co-develop a custom program based on your industry specific needs and growing areas of labor market demand.

With these partnership opportunities, Calbright students will master the skills they need for specific jobs, and hiring professionals like you will be more confident when the hiring process begins! Fill out the form on the right today to take the next steps for a stronger California workforce tomorrow!