California is one of the most diverse states anywhere, and Calbright is open to every adult Californian, currently for free.  

Whether they live in urban or rural areas; whether they’re older workers looking to transition into a new career or younger workers hoping to find their first good job; whether they never went to college or already have a degree; we are here for everyone. Calbright’s curriculum starts with their real lives. With what they’ve done, what they already know, and how an education can fit into their schedules.

Some of our students are undocumented and looking to get into a better career track, like Hector.  Some are established professionals who need new credentials to get where they want to go, like David.  

Our faculty are passionate innovators who believe that an online college can still have a personal touch. Over and over again, we hear that from faculty members like Michael Stewart and Ashley Odell, who say they are not just providing information: they are a part of your support system.

Our staff likewise believe that being online makes them more available to support students.  Staff members like Alejandro are committed to being there when you need them. Do you want a phone call? A text? A video chat? Whatever the best way to connect with you is, we’re on it.

That’s because Calbright is about people supporting people. It’s about California helping Californians to find better careers, and those Californians using their economic mobility to make our state prosperous.  

Calbright works because we’re all in this together.

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