Portrait of Jeff Bell.

Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at Calbright College.

Prior to Calbright, Jeff served as the Program Budget Manager for the California Department of Finance’s Education Systems Unit, which is responsible for overseeing the budget, programs, and policies affecting higher education, K-12 education, child care, the State Library, and local library grant programs.

In addition to working at the Department of Finance, Jeff served as a Director of Management Consulting Services at School Services of California, an education consulting company based in Sacramento. Prior to that, Jeff was the Assistant Program Budget Manager for the Education Systems Unit at the Department of Finance. Jeff began his state career in 1997 as a Finance Budget Analyst in the Education Systems Unit. He has served as a Principal Program Budget Analyst in various assignments, primarily working on budget and policy issues surrounding the state K-12 education budget.

Jeff has also been both an Education Consultant and later as a Fiscal Staff Director in the State Senate, where he was directly involved in staffing budget negotiations between the Governor and legislative caucus leaders. At the local level, Jeff served for 4 years as the County Budget Administrator for Placer County.

Prior to working in state and local government, Jeff was an active-duty officer in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, where he served as a surface warfare officer, engineering officer, and targeting and intelligence officer.