Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson

Dr. Aguilera Lawrenson serves as the Chief Success Officer at Calbright, and she leads the Success Division which includes Learner Services and Success. The Success Division is responsible for the holistic wraparound support services for learners from pre-enrollment through on-the-job training.

Dr. Aguilera Lawrenson is a Sacramento native who has 25 years of experience as a community college professor, administrator, and social justice educator/trainer in California and Washington. She has expertise in culturally relevant curriculum design, equity in higher education, strategic planning, governance redesign, community outreach, and mentoring. Her dissertation focused on the experiences of Hispanic students in developmental English in community colleges. This comparative case study used social critical methodology and was informed by its derivatives, Critical Race Theory and Latino Critical (LatCrit) Theory.
In addition to serving as an English/Multicultural Humanities Professor, Dr. Aguilera Lawrenson previously served as the Dean of Humanities at American River College (ARC), The Associate Vice President of Instruction at ARC, the Interim Vice President of Instruction at Cosumnes River College, and the Interim Vice President of Student Services at ARC, and the Vice President of Instruction at American River College. She has led initiatives in basic skills/curriculum, equity, social justice, international education, strategic planning, college redesign, and educational leadership.