Procurement and Contract Services

The California Online Community College (“Calbright”) complies with all provisions of the California Education, Government and Public Contract Codes as well as Board of Trustees’ policy and ensures that purchasing procedures are properly established and followed accordingly.

Procurement Policies and Procedures

Calbright’s Board of Trustees has adopted a policy on Purchasing and Contracts

Procurement Methods and Thresholds

The method and threshold levels of Calbright procurements are described below:

ItemDecentralized ProcurementAssisted Procurement
Supplies Materials Equipment ServicesProcurements of $96,700, as adjusted, or less are made on a decentralized basis at the department level.
Procurements exceeding $96,700, as adjusted, are made with the assistance of the Finance Department to ensure that proper bidding and contracting procedures are followed. View current listing of Bid and Procurement Opportunities
Bid TypeProject CostRequirements
RFQ$20,000 to $96,700Three written quotes should be obtained.
RFP/Formal Bid$96,700* or more Requires purchasing coordination, advertisement, and sealed bids. 
* Public Contract Code section 20651. Please note that this threshold is subject to adjustment; $96,700 is the threshold for 2021.

Public Project

Competitive bidding is required for contracts for a “public project” (e.g., most construction projects) involving an expenditure of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). Such contracts must be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, who shall give security as the Board requires, or else reject all bids.

Small Business Exception

Subject to the limitations set forth in Public Contract Code section 20651.2, Calbright may award a contract for the acquisition of goods, services, or information technology that has an estimated value of greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000), but less than two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), to a certified small business, including a microbusiness, or to a disabled veteran business enterprise, if Calbright obtains price quotations from two or more certified small businesses, including microbusinesses, or from two or more disabled veteran business enterprises.

Vendors Interested In Doing Business With The College

Thank you for your interest in becoming a potential vendor with Calbright. To receive updates regarding bids, requests for proposals, and other solicitations, please register through PlanetBids.

Note to Vendors

Purchases made in the name of Calbright without a Purchase Order shall be considered an obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of Calbright. 

All invoices shall be submitted to [email protected].

Equal Opportunity

Calbright is an Equal Opportunity Employer and conducts its business activities without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, physical disabilities or sex.

Vendor Tax Forms

Federal Tax Forms

If you do not provide a valid taxpayer identification number (TIN), then we are required to withhold a certain percentage on any payments made to individuals or business entities that provide services (Internal Revenue Code, section 3406(a)(1)(a)).

Domestic Vendors

Visit the IRS website for instructions on filling out the W-9.

California Tax Forms

We are required to withhold certain amounts on payments made to non-California individuals or business entities (including corporations) that provide services in California (per California Revenue and Tax Code, section 18662 and related regulations).

If you do not provide a completed California Form 590 or California Form 587 with a determination letter from the Franchise Tax Board, then backup withholding will begin.

California Businesses

If you have a permanent place of business in California or you are qualified to do business through the California Secretary of State, then complete:

Non-California Businesses

If you do not have a permanent place of business in California or you are not qualified to do business through the California Secretary of State, then complete:

If you completed Form 587 and want to request a waiver from withholding or reduced withholding for the State of California, then also complete Form 588 or Form 589. For either of these forms, you need to submit the original to the Franchise Tax Board to obtain a determination letter. You will provide us with a copy of your determination letter – not the form itself.

General Information

The policies and procedures that govern and apply to Calbright are found in various State laws, including but not limited to the Education Code, the Public Contract Code, and the Government Code, as well as in the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Under law, the Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility for purchases and contracts of Calbright. The Board of Trustees, in accordance with Education Code Section 81656, delegates that responsibility and power to the President/Chief Executive Officer to approve and sign purchase orders, contracts, and other purchasing documents and instruments when the total value of such item is under $100,000.

RFP and Bid Opportunities

View Current RFP and Bid Opportunities