Whatever program you choose, the Calbright curriculum always begins with you. What skills do you already have that hiring managers are looking for? What do you already know how to do that is valued in a new industry with better jobs? Learn more and find the right program for your career goals. 

The Curriculum Starts With You

We take the skills you have, add the technical training you need, help get your resume in shape for the jobs you want to apply for, and work to connect you to your new field. And because our programs proceed at your own pace, you can balance your studies with your busy schedule and move forward when you’ve mastered the material.

Calbright programs focus on modern business practices and the  emerging tools that drive our digital economy. Students work with the same digital tools that workplaces use for in-demand jobs, gaining practical experience through our courses that translates directly to the workplace.

Our Programs

Calbright programs, currently offered at no cost to Californians, are focused on developing knowledge and skills that lead to successful careers in growing fields. The following programs are currently accepting applications:

Calbright also offers the Medical Coding for Professional Services program, preparing students for a nationally-recognized certification exam and entry into this in-demand field. The program has limited availability, and is not accepting applications at this time.

Our Model

Calbright’s unique education model lets you build your education around your life, rather than expecting you to fit your life around your education. All our classes are online and flexibly paced, so there’s no rigid start and stop times. You can learn between shifts, while your kids are napping, or whenever works best for you. When times are hard, you can slow your classes down. When times are good, you can speed them up.

Calbright is focused on what you know and what you learn, not how much time you spend in a class. Programs are designed to prepare you for industry-recognized certifications that employers are looking for, and include career services support to help position you to find good jobs in growing industries.

Ready to Start Your Calbright Future?

CRM Platform Administration

According to Business.com, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software in 2021. Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft are the biggest CRM software companies globally. They — and their customers — need people trained in how to use their products.

Information Technology Support​

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of IT computer support specialists is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Support specialists often work at an IT helpdesk, resolving problems ranging from updating operating systems to troubleshooting hardware issues.


According to CompTIA, the projected growth rate for cybersecurity job roles over the next decade is 31%, the fastest rate among tech occupations. Businesses need trained specialists to combat the costly threat of data security breaches.