Support and Counseling


Online doesn’t have to mean distant. At Calbright we use the internet to stay more connected to you. It starts with our Success Counselors.

You’ll be introduced to your counselor right after onboarding, and they’ll help with everything from working on specific lessons to just being someone you talk to about your experience.

Academic Success Counselors help you with:
  • Developing your Comprehensive Student Education Plan, so that your education is designed to get you where you want to go, when you want to get there
  • Techniques for work-life balance
  • Personalized support to help stay on track and achieve goals.

Academic Tutoring

We have team of academic tutors to provide support when you need it. If you're coming back to school after a long break, you can connect with a reading and writing tutor to freshen up your skills. If you're new to online learning, a computer and technology tutor can help orient you to the latest software and tools. Content tutors are available to support you seven days a week, with subject matter expertise specific to your program, Our tutors offer regular office hours, and we encourage you to organize peer study groups. We're there for you every step of the way!

Mental Health and Well Being

Calbright provides a service called WellConnect to its students. It provides free, confidential, on-demand live mental health support and service referral to students and members of their household. That means that, through WellConnect, Calbright students can access services for:

If you’re interested in accessing these services, call WellConnect Support 1-866-640-4777 or visit

Immigration Legal Services

The California Community College system, of which Calbright is a part, provides free Immigration legal services to its students. DACA fee assistance is also available.