The Calbright Model

No Student Debt

Calbright classes are currently free for all California residents.  Our commitment – it’s part of our founding mission – is to never have our students go into debt to pay for their education. 

We Prepare You For A Future Career

Calbright doesn’t award traditional degrees. Instead you’ll complete your program with an industry-valued certification and help starting your new career.

All Calbright programs are Competency Based Education (CBE): that means we’re measuring what you know and what you can do, not how much time you spend in a classroom or how much homework you finish.  If you already have a skill, you can probably test out of all those units in your coursework.  If you have trouble picking up a new skill, you can take all the time you need to master it. Everything is done at your own pace, and the only metric that matters is whether you are learning the skills you need.

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Flexibly Paced, On Your Schedule

Most Calbright programs can be finished in under a year, and some students can finish some programs sooner, but there is no set time to completion: that’s up to you.

Classes are held online, on your schedule. You can start and stop when you want, take breaks when you need. We connect you with an academic success coach who will work on a personal learning plan with you to set benchmarks and deadlines that make sense for your life. 

Support When You Need It – In and Out Of The Classroom

Students at Calbright get significant personal support. In addition to faculty who are available to discuss questions and issues when you need them, we offer career coaches, academic counseling, access to mental health counseling, and referrals to services for practical issues ranging from housing to doctors to transportation. 

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