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We are scheduled to begin enrolling adult learners in summer 2019. Our pilot programs in medical coding, IT essentials, and cybersecurity will begin in October 2019.

Our ability to begin our initial programs so quickly is not only reflective of the commitment of our instructional team and the State Faculty Senate supporting our efforts, but also of the Board of Trustees, our union supporters, and our employer partners. After having done extensive market research to ensure that our operational and learner support systems are the best possible, we are now ready to launch.

We are committed to serving those who have been overlooked, underserved, or completely forgotten and refuse to fail them again.

Pathways to in-demand jobs

Everything we do is built around real-world jobs and economic gain. As we seek to learn about what helps working adults and hiring managers most, we’re starting with pathways to high-growth jobs.

Medical Coding

11,000 well-paying jobs in medical coding and billing are projected to open across California over the next five years. Our inaugural program in medical coding will begin in October 2019.


IT Support

Our inaugural program in IT Support will begin in October 2019 and will pair our adult learners with apprenticeships to learn exactly what their prospective employers need in the workplace.


As we continue to learn and build, we will expand into other high-growth industries such as IT support and first-line supervisory roles.

Learn more about cybersecurity certification. 


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