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We prepare some of the 8 million Californians who feel stuck in “go-nowhere” jobs for careers with a future, and we do it through online classes, mobile apps, and apprenticeships.


We support and promote our adult learners. From pre-registration and learning, through career preparation and placement, we are here.


We place adult learners who have demonstrated job competency and readiness to work with employers who are excited to hire them for lasting, well-paying careers.

Competency-Based: Calbright College is designed to focus on careers, not college credentials. Unlike other community colleges, rather than working toward an associate’s degree, our adult learners work toward a job. While many community colleges offer online classes, they are structured like a traditional college, that is: term-based and with fixed milestones. Calbright is different.

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Advancing College Access for 2.5 Million Stranded Workers
Jun 21, 2019
Millions of working Californians are neglected by our higher education system, a glaring injustice that Governor Brown’s proposal to establish the 115th Community College seeks to correct.
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Brown’s online college idea opens doors for workers. Don’t let lobbyists strangle it.
Jun 20, 2019
The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board has endorsed Governor Brown’s proposal to establish the 115th community college – a new fully online campus to serve 2.5 million working Californians who do not have access to current educational pathways. The Sacramento Bee encourages the Legislature to support Governor Brown’s proposal because it will:
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A New Approach for California’s Community Colleges
Jun 19, 2019
In a video interview this week with The Chronicle of Higher Education – a series that explores various aspects of campus leadership across academia – California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley discussed the urgent need for the fully online college proposed in the Governor’s budget
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