Portrait of Yvette, a Calbright student. Read about her story.

“A one stop shop for a new career” – meet Yvette, a CRM student

Yvette, who lives in Los Angeles County, has owned her own environmentally friendly cleaning service for about 12 years. There were ups and downs, good times and bad, but she was making it work until the pandemic came. Then everything crashed.

“We had a lot of cancellations,” Yvette said. “I was struggling, and I was looking for ways to improve the business. That’s when I discovered Salesforce, as a platform I could run my business on.”

Now she’s studying Salesforce as a student at Calbright, and getting ready to switch careers by administering Salesforce for other companies.

“I’m building up my profile, polishing my resume and cover letters, and then looking for jobs.  Which is great, because you guys have it all.  A one stop shop for a new career,” she says. “I’m telling people I know about Calbright.  It’s great.  It’s what we need.”

Read Yvette’s story.

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