“Calbright is Up There With the Best” – Meet Alex, an IT student

Alex is an IT professional who is always looking for ways to attract new employers.

“Education has always been a key to that, so I’m always taking new classes and trying new courses, which is how I know that not every online education is the same.  Not at all.”

He got a degree at a for-profit college, and says it’s been no help at all. Alex came to Calbright because it’s free. He recommends it because of its quality.

“I’ve tried everything, and Calbright is up there with the best,” he says. “The service and support is as good as a full university with degree programs, but it’s free and easy to use. Calbright provides a lot of their own material, but they also utilize a lot of a specific certification’s course material as well, so you get everything and it’s a well-rounded learning experience. Not to mention their courses are aimed towards getting you high-value certifications which are highly pertinent in the field of Information Technology.”

Read Alex’s story.

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