The Curriculum Starts With You

Whatever program you’re in, the Calbright curriculum always begins with you. What skills do you already have that hiring managers are looking for? What do you already know how to do that is valued in a new industry with better jobs?

We take the skills you have, add the technical training you need, help get your resume in shape for the jobs you want to apply for, and work to connect you to your new field. 

Our Programs 

Calbright is currently offering four programs at no cost to California residents

CRM Platform Administration (Salesforce Administrator):  Companies in every industry are using powerful new technology to manage their relationships with their clients, employees, and partners. People trained in these tools, called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, are in-demand for high paying jobs. Upon completion, students will get a Certificate of Competency and be eligible to earn an industry-recognized Salesforce Administrator Certification.

Information Technology Support (A+):  Virtually every company, anywhere, needs high quality IT support. This program is designed to teach you both the essential technical and non-technical skills needed for work in IT. Upon completion, students will be ready to take the CompTIA A+ exam, earning a highly sought after certificate in the field.  

Cybersecurity (Security+):  Jobs in cybersecurity are expected to grow by over 30% this decade – much faster than most careers. There is an strong demand for cybersecurity professionals in business, non-profits, and government. This program teaches the principles and best practices of information security and risk management for organizations, including hardware, software, processes, applications, policies, and procedures. Upon completion, students will be prepared to successfully complete the CompTIA Security+ certification exams, a highly sought after credentia in the field. Students must have previous IT experience or a CompTIA A+ certification to enroll. That certification can be gained through Calbright’s Information Technology Support program meaning that students can directly move on from that program to training in cybersecurity.  

Medical Coding for Professional Services:  There is a shortage of medical coders, a high demand, high paying field, and the economy is expected to add tens of thousands of new medical coding jobs in the next few years. Students who complete this program will be prepared to take the national standard American Academy of Professional Coders Certified Professional Coder exam, and gain entry into the field. Unfortunately, this program has limited seats and availability, and all of them are taken at this time.

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Our Model

Calbright’s unique education model lets you build your education around your life, rather than expecting you to fit your life around your education. All our classes are online and flexibly paced around your schedule, so there’s no rigid start and stop times. You can learn between shifts, while your kids are napping, or whenever works best for you. When times are hard, you can slow your classes down. When times are good, you can speed them up. Calbright is focused on what you know and what you learn, not how much time you spend in a class. The program includes career services support to position yourself for a new industry and find a good job, and ends not an industry valued certification that employers are looking for, and help starting your new career.

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