Report a Concern

Calbright College strives to maintain a safe, positive learning, and working environment for all students, staff, faculty and community members.  However, in the event that you feel unsafe or have a concern to address, please complete the Report a Concern Form.  

Calbright uses this form for all complaints and concerns, including: Discrimination/Hate Crimes, Disruptive Behavior, Academic Grievances, Personal Wellness, Dating/Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment/Assault, Stalking, Threatening/Violent Behavior (Written/Verbal), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/504/508 Violation and other concerns or complaints.

Please click the button to Report a Concern. This online form is fillable. Please note that you can also contact (via telephone or by email) the following personnel listed below:

Joe Bremgartner
Vice President, Human Resources
Phone: (916) 209-0358
Email: [email protected]

Tamika Connor
Senior Vice President
Phone: (510) 775-3676
Email: [email protected]